Monday, November 17, 2008

Why it is sometimes hard to garden with a dog around

What Toby does while I am raking the yard (which, for what it's worth, is a days-long project: I spent nearly 5 hours on it today and got maybe a tenth of the way done): follows close beside me, often getting in between me and the rake; glares suspiciously at the rake, which he has apparently decided is a gravely dangerous enemy that he must herd me away from; inevitably walks directly into my rake, even when I'm standing still to scroll about on the iPod, and then cries loudly and reproachfully enough that the entire neighborhood must think I'm actually beating him with said rake. Also: if I stop to dig for the roots of an interesting-looking tuber-y type thing, in hopes that it is an abandoned sweet potato or garlic plant that I can replant in the vegetable garden or present to Jam Guy to supplement dinner with some night, he stands right over whatever spot I am trying to dig in, or better yet, sits on it. It is not efficient, and often annoying. But I love him. How could I not?

(photo by Jam Guy)


SurfRunner said...

It must be even harder to cook with a dog around... ;)

Mayumi said...


How can you NOT love them, right?

sidewalk monkey said...

SR: Actually, one of the benefits of cooking with a dog around is that if you accidentally drop a bit of this or that, the floor is INSTANTLY cleared.

May: I know. Impossible.