Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Things I did this week that I never did before

1) Scratched a sheep on the head. He baa'ed at me as I approached and again as I left him.

2) Dug up three small red onions that peeked out at me from under the dirt in our backyard as I was weeding. They must have been planted, and forgotten about, by Tom, the lovely and kind previous owner of Our New House.

3) Peeled, cubed, and roasted a perfectly unbelievably huge mystery squash, given to us by a triumphant friend who somehow grew it in his garden. This thing was huge. Currently it is mashed up and bubbling with some butter, carrots, cream, chicken stock, garlic, parsley (clipped from a bursting patch at the corner of the house) and a couple of those little red onions in a soup pot on the stove.


Mayumi said...

I have a crush on your life.

SurfRunner said...

With all of your interactions with animals such as goats, cows, and other livestock, I'm really surprised you haven't pet sheep before. =)

sidewalk monkey said...

may: let's live each other's lives vicariously. i have a crush on my life, but i have one on yours too. i miss new york SO VERY MUCH.

surf: i think i might have pet sheep before, but i'm not sure. usually i ogle them through fences and they are not so interested in me. this one was awfully friendly; he might have thought i was going to feed him. however, i am certain i have never scratched one on the head.

most of my livestock interaction is wishful thinking and watching them through the car window (and shouting "MOO!" or "BAA!" or "HORSEY! HORSEY!")