Thursday, August 21, 2008

And one way that where I live now is like where I grew up, and not like New York

When you run into someone you know--even someone you've just met once, like the County Ag guy coming by to check the fruit-fly monitoring trap he set up in your fig tree--you are supposed to make small talk with them for a while. So far I have made small talk with five people today. I like it. Small talk is one of my particular skills.


SurfRunner said...

=) I'd like to think that we hone that particular skill at Longs Drugs. It comes in handy when you run into your 5th grade schoolbus driver.... And how they recognize you 15 years later is beyond my comprehension.

sidewalk monkey said...

Eh! You da one who wen barfed in my bus dat one time! Ho, you was soooo cute back den.