Thursday, August 28, 2008

I am rocking jelly and I have a little belly

Mostly due to Jam Guy's banana cream pies and korova chocolate sable cookies and macaroni and cheese and the takeout habit we've picked up during these last several days when we've been too busy moving to cook. But he appears to still be in on the deal of taking me as I am anyways, so it's all good.

Maybe one of these days I will believe him when he says he likes me no matter what. I guess it would be awfully unfair to put pie and cookies and pasta in front of me with this type of regularity and then have a problem with a little jelly, and Jam Guy is a pretty fair guy.


Mayumi said...

He so would *never* ... Jam Guy is too sweet for that ... but if he did, Jenjen and I would sit him down for a Talking To! :)

SurfRunner said...

Yep, what May said. I was going to say that we'd play good cop/bad cop. May being the bad cop, cause she does that so well. But really, when it comes to that, I'd play bad cop too. so, he'd just be in a boat load of trouble.