Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Conversation between Sidewalk Monkey and Jam Guy, late Thursday night,

while setting Sidewalk Monkey's cat up in Jam Guy's bathroom, following an awfully dramatic plane ride filled with yowling and cat vomit:

SM: She seems awfully happy now that she has this cardboard scratcher bed thingy. [The cardboard scratcher bed thingy is a corrugated board, about the size of a cat bed, laying on the bathroom floor, sprinkled all over with catnip.] She's just laying on it and purring. Purr purr purr. Wow.

JG: Catnip is like E for cats.

SM: Do dogs get that happy from catnip?

JG: I don't think so.

SM: Could people?

JG: Nope.

SM: How come nobody makes anything like that for people?

JG: There are lots of happy drugs for people.

SM: Yeah, but nobody makes like a bed of happy drugs that you could just roll around in.

JG: She sure looks happy.


SurfRunner said...

I'm sure a large bed of E Tablets can be arranged. But, I don't think it'd be very comfortable.

Mayumi said...

And you'd have to lick the bed to get the same effect.

Maybe a giant bong-type room could be constructed, where you inhale the marajuana-enhanced air.

Would that even scientifically work?

Also? I would hate that room. Don't invite me to that party.

sidewalk monkey said...

I like both of your ideas, but I agree that in application neither would be that comfortable. I don't want to lick my furniture (yet another way we are different from cats). And I think May's room, while somewhat appealing initially, would reduce me to an asthmatic, skunky-smelling, anxiety-ridden weirdo in like three seconds.

I think cats just get to have more fun than people.