Thursday, July 17, 2008

Least-efficient way to start a conversation with a stranger

Today, about 5:30 p.m, in the drive-through lane of Colima's Taco Shop:

Taco Shop Employee: Un' horchata.
Sidewalk Monkey: Thank you. Oh, I might have exact change--
TSE: Hey, you got a little turbo car there, huh?
SM, who has no idea whether her car is "turbo" or not: Yeah!
TSE: Your name is Sandra, right?
SM: Nope.
TSE: Weird. You really look like a Sandra. I'm sure you have an S name. Shayna?
SM: No.
TSE: Shania?
SM: No.
TSE: Selena!
SM: No.
TSE: Shelly?
SM: No.
TSE: It does start with an S, though, right?
SM: No.
TSE: Huh. What letter does it start with?
SM: Oh, um.
SM: No. I--
TSE: Olivia?
SM: Is my taco ready?


Mayumi said...

what he was obviously trying to say is that you are S-S-S-Sexy. What an idiot! :) EVERYBODY knows that already ....


SurfRunner said...

I gotta give him credit for his originality though, even if it wasn't effective at all. =) Saying "Wow, I think you're really hot." would have been way more efficent, but kind of on the boring side.

sidewalk monkey said...

aw, you guys are nice. *blush* Thank you. But you know, I think he really just thought he had some kind of a name-guessing gift. I finally did tell him my name, just to wrap things up, and he was all surprised that it wasn't one of the names he had had in mind, as though there was some huge probability that he could just guess a random stranger's name out of the blue.

Then once I told him, he went back in the taco shop and came out with my taco with this air of rewarding me for having such a hard-to-guess name.