Monday, July 14, 2008

Your good vibes are working!

The inspection on what we have been calling "Our New House" (usually followed by me dancing around and squealing a lot) was completed today, and it's all good. Meaning it's pretty much all systems go--still not closed, but one big step nearer to moving in to Our New House. Yay!

Thank you again for the good vibes, and please do keep them coming!

I think this calls for a shoe picture:

These are the shoes I am currently lusting after in earnest (as opposed to the four pairs of shoes in the previous post that I find of interest aesthetically but am not actually considering saving my pennies for), because not only are these awfully pretty, but they are also comfortable, waterproof, warm, and not trendy (read: I will still like them next year). More remarkably, they are the first shoe with a lower-than-three-inch heel that I have lusted after probably ever.

I think that means I am growing up. Or else it means that my crunched-up, blistered feet are shouting that they have had enough. Or maybe--I am leaning towards this theory--they represent the real plausibility of melding urban-barhopping-dancing-queen-shoe-lusting me with blissfully-farming-in-the-backyard-of-Our-New-House me. I mean, I can work a Nanette Lepore skirt AND a row of artichokes in these, maybe even at the same time.

Or maybe I am ascribing too much import to my shoe choices. In support of this theory stands the fact that I consider lusting after a low-heeled boot to be clearer evidence that I am becoming a grown-up than the combined evidences of finishing grad school, getting married and buying a house. But I still like the melding theory better.


SurfRunner said...

WOOHOO!! That's fantastic! After sitting through a 2 hour lecture about buying houses a couple of weeks ago from a real estate agent, I definitely understand the importance of passing the house inspection. That's a HUGE deal! =) YAY! Now, just sit tight till closing.

I like your melding theory. Actually, graduating and buying a house are all life events, but they don't necessarily dictate a change in personality or attitude. Honestly, I think wanting a different type of shoe for function DOES signify more of a "growing up" factor, because it's indicative of your mood and where you are in life. and here, it looks like you're ready to do the meld of city and country. =) YAY!

I just wear slippers all day. i think that means i just want to be on vacation. =p that, or i'm lazy. which is also true.

Mayumi said...

are you the cutest female to ever live? YES YOU ARE! I love how you figure out your destiny via shoe choices, can we call it "shoeology" or something?

I'm an impulse shoe buyer myself, though I'll freely admit that my impulse buys are all from Payless. I have a whole forest of three or higher inch heels, but you'll find me most of all in my $20 canvas flats or rubber slippers. What that means to me? I don't know. I think less than melding my city me and my homebody me, my homebody has taken the reins and is in charge now, although she still will drag home ridiculous shoes once in a while for city me.


Mayumi said...

Oh! And totally keeping my fingers crossed for your house. :) Can't wait to come visit, once the ink has dried on the dotted line and you're all moved in and settled. YAY!

sidewalk monkey said...

you guys TOTALLY have to come visit! it will be great!

may, i love the idea of "shoeology." why couldn't that have been offered as a major when i was in college? i would have been a much more enthusiastic student.

miss surfrunner. you are not lazy. but nothing wrong with wanting to be on vacation all the time!