Friday, April 25, 2008


One anagram for "Sidewalk Monkey" is "Seamed Kinky Owl." I like this game.


Mayumi said...

for a wordie (editor/writer), i am appallingly bad at anagrams, scrabble, and other word games. i am convinced it actually uses a different part of your brain, the part more akin to puzzles and sciency stuff, and that's why i suck at them. i actually had to take up pen and paper to figure out that jog in ocean really did spell jenjen's name. LOL. and i am not going to even TRY to find an anagram of "may in the bay."

sidewalk monkey said...

Oh, I always say I'll kick everyone's ass at Scrabble and then I lose by like a million. I can't do the anagrams either, but the internet anagram server serves me well.

For May in the Bay, my favorite anagrams are:

Maybe Ah Tiny
Mynah Ya Bite (or A Mynah Byte I)
Meaty Hay Bin