Sunday, April 13, 2008

potential band names, part one:

i keep a collection of these in my head, but have for some reason forgotten all but three. if you can think of any of the many i've left out, please fill me in.

1) underground squirrel circus
2) what eats the rooster
3) critical mass and the monkeys


Mayumi said...

my secret band name (less secret now that I put it on the Internet) is THE TOKYO CROWS. If I were ever going to start my own band, that is for TOTES what they would be called.

sidewalk monkey said...

That is an awesome band name. Perfect! I have a mental picture of THE TOKYO CROWS--sounds like a band I would totally want to see (and of course if it were your band, I would be a total groupie).

I was a little sad because I had a really long mental list of brilliant band names, and I can't remember any of the rest of them. Totally bogus. But I'm not that sad anymore, because now I'm committed to blogging them every time I remember them or think of new ones, which feels like an exciting new project. Not like procrastinating about studying for the state boards at all.