Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How to get an erection

For some reason, our OM10 (Oriental Medicine 10--the final theory class ever in our four-year program) thought we needed this diagram in our packet tonight, while we were studying etiology and treatment for the complaint of low libido:

So again: last theory class ever, last night of class of the semester, last year of a four-year healthcare program--and we FINALLY get to learn how male erection works! Because we never understood it before! Finally, we are enabled to have sexual relations, understand where babies come from, benefit corporeally from all the talk about vasodilation we've endured for the past four years! Can you imagine how thrilled all two men in the class were?

D helpfully drew arrows and fireworks all over his erection diagram, I guess to indicate his general excitement about this newfound knowledge (that they hoarded from us till the last day of school--so that we'd stick around, I bet). I forwarded my cell phone image of it to Jam Guy, because I figure anyone dating someone through all the throes of acupuncture school deserves to get the best of the insider information.

Too bad that I don't have any more OM classes. I'd like a diagram of the female erection. No one ever seems to discuss that. What gives?

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Amen to that, sister.