Friday, June 27, 2008

One of my favorite uses of peanut butter

Surfunner talks about how peanut butter is a good fat in this post, and that reminded me of the fast-comfort-food-dinner-for-one that I've been fixing a lot lately when I'm too rushed/tired/lazy to make a "real" meal for myself.

All I do is put a nest of mung bean threads in a small pot to boil. While they are boiling, I whisk together in my little rice bowl:

-maybe like 1 to 1.5 tablespoons of unsweetened, organic peanut butter
-a few good shakes of soy sauce
-a few drops of sesame oil

When the bean threads are finished cooking, I drain them, and then put the peanut sauce mixture into the hot pot with them and mix it all up till everything's more or less combined. Then it all goes back in the little rice bowl and gets topped with Sriracha. It's really yummy, although Jam Guy and my friend D, who have both tried it, are not huge fans. It's definitely not an everyday dinner, because even though I think it does have a decent protein/fat/carb ratio and not tons of calories, there aren't any veggies in it.

Another favorite use of peanut butter is in what I call my PB&J of Luuuuuv: which is a PB&J made with, of course, peanut butter, and then bread made by me and jam made by Jam Guy.

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SurfRunner said...

i love it!!!! Yay Peanut Butter! I don't think it's that bad. it's fine in moderation. And I know I shouldn't aid in the caloric count of your dish here, but you might want to try adding a little brown sugar to your peanut sauce. You're making a classic Vietnamese peanut sauce and the only thing missing is a little brown sugar. =) Besides, brown sugar is better for you than regular refined white sugar. And while you're at it. If you want to add some quick texture changes, like..crunch. you might want to consider broken up peanuts or mung beans to keep with the theme. all good for you. or you can keep it the way it is.

heh, i don't know what it is about PB and romance, but the first thing Raquel made for me was vegetables and peanut sauce. Then, i think it was chocolate peanut butter cookies. =)