Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas morning, 2010

Jam Guy: I'm going to the store now.

Sidewalk Monkey: Okay. Give me a hug first.

Jam Guy: Okay.

Sidewalk Monkey: Wait. Do you maybe not want to hug me because I'm sick? Because if you don't, I understand...Here! [Pulls sweater hood all the way down over her face.] This will protect you from the germs!

Jam Guy: ...

SM: Hee hee! Oh, ow, it makes my headache worse when I laugh. Hee! Oww. [Clasps arms around head.] Hee hee hee OWWWW.

JG, bemused, watching SM as she stands with a face covered in knitwear and elbows, giggling and groaning: Yup. That's my wife. I married her.

SM: Hee hee hee! Ohhh. Stop, stop, my head. Hey, I'm glad I kept this sweater.

JG: Because you can pull the hood over your face?

SM: No, because Fair Isle knits are fashionable again.

JG: Good job, honey.

SM: HA! Owwwww.

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