Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More talk story about food, and community, and do-gooderness

I forgot to take a picture of our dinner last night, which is a bummer, but it was pretty. And a very collaborative effort.

We had some very nice trout that the nice man building our fence brought us from his weekend fishing trip--whole, cleaned and gutted. We more or less followed this recipe; I stuffed and wrapped, Jam Guy grilled. I sliced up another one of the heirloom tomatoes from our friend's garden and Jam Guy dressed it with nice olive oil and sea salt and pepper, and then while I had my trout with rice, Jam Guy had his with slices of campagne bread from a loaf that Della Fattoria gave us while we were eating lunch there recently.

It was delicious, and it makes me happy to eat the tomatoes our friend grew, the trout our new friend the fence guy caught, the sage from our own garden, the bread from one of our favorite bakeries that just sort of hands out bread to its customers when closing time is approaching because they don't want to serve day-old bread tomorrow but they can't bring themselves to waste either. It was lovely.

Speaking of community efforts: we are thinking of switching our phone service to Credo Mobile, who donates one percent of its customer charges to causes like Planned Parenthood and America's Second Harvest, and bills itself as "the only pro-choice phone company, as well as America’s greenest phone company," which by itself is enough to make me want to switch. Also, they'll buy out your current phone contract, which makes it a heck of a lot easier to do the right thing.

The thing that is stopping us is that it'll cost more for us to get the same amount of minutes and data transmission we get right now with Helio. While we want to do the right thing, we are wannabe-do-righters on a new-homeowner/recent-graduate budget. It's rare that the right thing is the easiest thing too. This is something to think about.


SurfRunner said...

Mmmm.....Anything that is wrapped in bacon is aces in my book. =) That sounds like a lovely dinner.

I know what you mean about balancing doing the right thing, and your budget. Look at it this way, you are already doing so much more than the average person when it comes to "being green". It doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your pocketbook too. That good karma earns you money that should still be kept in your wallet.

Plus, look at the dinner that you just had last night. It hardly left any carbon footprint, because none of it was processed or bought from the supermarket. Living off the land should count as an obscene amount of green points already.

sidewalk monkey said...

Good point. We are down with the 'aina. :)

That trout was sooooo good. We really need to get together and go fishing!

DOV said...

“Hi Sidewalk Monkey. Mike from Credo Mobile here. I noticed your post while sifting through a Google search of our company name. I am very excited that you are considering Credo Mobile given our support of pro-choice and environmental causes. I am in charge of pricing here and thus would like to better understand how we can compete for customers such as yourself. Thus, would you mind giving me an idea of your voice, data, and text pricing at Helio? Feel free to give me a call at 415 369 2048 or reply to me at this address. Thanks again for considering Credo and we hope that you will be able to join our movement soon.”